Sofa in Velvet Lush and Comfort BUT hard to Care ?

Sofa in Velvet Lush and Comfort BUT hard to Care ?

Velvet looks with a luminous sheen do creates a great highlight for any room even in modern or relaxed spaces and feels luxurious and can be used on upholstered beds, arm chairs, sofas, curtains or throw pillows allowing you to add as little or as much as you want to liven up your look.

What do you do if your velvet is crushed or ‘bruised’? 
Not to worry much.. When velvet pile ruffles after sitting it, or gets ‘bruised’, its not permanent. With times, the fabric will return back to its natural state.
You may always steam the fabric and smooth it out.
However,bear in mind, after longer used, heavier marks can become permanent. After all, adding character to your piece just like using leather.
Consider this wear and tear as adding character to your piece, and not harming it in any way. Peace in mind, right..

Cleaning Velvet

The easiest way to look after velvet is to vacuum it, using the hand-held nozzle for dirt trapped inside the pile.

Velvet is covered with wet stain, with immediate, gently dab the wet stain with a soft damp towel until it is completely removed.

May wash them but avoid hot water, which can shrink velvet and cause the fabric to lose elasticity.

You can use detergent for delicate cloth. Set your machine to ‘gentle’ or ‘hand wash’ cycles so you don’t damage the fabric.

How to Keep the Velvet Look Pristine

To keep velvet looking its best, velvet sofas require a few weekly tune-ups to keep the nap raised and the color looking rich and luxurious. Brush it gently at least once a week.

You can also vacuum it with a special upholstery attachment or place a pair of stockings around the vacuum nozzle to avoid crushing the nap of the fiber. This helps to maintain its distinctive textured pile. Putting the vacuum directly on the fabric could make the fabric dull.

Bringing Back the Sheen 

To give your velvet sofa that new sheen look again, use a steamer to fluff up the fibers. Next, brush the fabric always moving in the same direction as the steamer, to keep the nap uniform.

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