All time favorite to be exact from our grandparents generations till today. 

Exclusively proved by the times and history its a durable material from the leaf to the root. 

All the pieces above can be referred to as wicker. Pieces made from jute are also commonly referred to as being “rattan”.

 Jute is a plant based fibre that can be used to weave durable rope or fabric such as burlap.

  It's one of the beloved materials of the woven home goods trend. In furniture most are used for Bed Frame, Chair, Table, Basket, Placemat, carpets and many more.

Wicker is a style of weave whereas rattan is a material.  Wicker furniture is all hand-woven, making the quality impeccable and incredibly durable.
rattan can be distinguished as a strong fibrous plant that is similar to bamboo. Rattan has been used for furniture because it is lightweight, durable, flexible, and attractive.

  Fun Fact: Rattan can be made into artificial bones. Rattan has a physical structure that is similar to that of natural human bones.amazing ain' it..

There are lots of reasons why rugs made from Jute. these tropical leaves are a top pick: They're neutral, versatile, and relatively inexpensive. jute is softer and well suited for rooms where bare feet tread. For a softer feel, look for rugs with wool or hemp blended in.  

Synthetic wicker materials give the same appearance as natural rattan fibers but they last much better outside. For this reason, polyethylene wicker is great for outdoor furniture because of its ability to withstand the elements of mother nature.

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