Distressed Wood in Furniture - artistan touch

Distressed Wood in Furniture - artistan touch

Distressing wood basically weathering it by hand, using tools or chemicals to add a bit imperfections looks to the age and character, but not so much that it becomes unusable. Imperfections are actually desired in this case.    

When you’re distressing a piece of furniture you have to remove some but not all of the paint and to do that you can use sandpaper or a paint stripper. 

The goal is to offer some subtle proof of the several layers of paint underneath and to give the piece a worn look. 

The final appearance is often called a PATINA and this term is usually used when describing antique pieces. Keep in mind that distressing can be applied to various different types of surfaces, not just wood. This includes glass, metal, plastic, stone, concrete and even plaster.

Distressed wood can bring your rooms a rustic aesthetic and exquisite. 

Nowadays, often perceived as having a shabby chic style and you can expect to see it in rustic, vintage, industrial but also Nordic or contemporary interior decors.

Vintage vs Rustic

In simple way ; 

vintage = time, rustic = place and

 shabby chic = style.

Shabby chic is a design style used to describe a softer, opulent cottage style; it can describe an overall look or the item itself. Usually items have a weathered, distressed, or aged look.

May check our RECLAI simple roller table with distressed solid wood made.

RECLAI retro industrial table

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