Embossed Patterned Glass in Furniture Craftmanship

Embossed Patterned Glass in Furniture Craftmanship

The charming yet subtle and mystery looks as one of the representatives of extremely obscure and beautiful decorative material mostly preferred by craftmanships these days, changhong glass. 

Changhong glass is actually a kind of patterned glass, from the embossed glass which is before the glass is tempered, a patterned roller is used to press patterns on one or both sides of the glass to make a pattern on one or both sides hence presenting Patterned Glass. 

There are many types of embossed patterned glass which is familiarly used. 

To names some, according to the pattern;

 ~ rain flower, cloth pattern, begonia flower, gold silk, spring dragon, ice flower, tangram, fragrant pear, Qianxi grid, Changhong, double grid, Various flower patterns such as wood grain, water grain, diamond, bamboo weaving, blessing character, snowflake, Yinxia, etc.

The most prominently used ones are ;

water pattern, changhong, ice flower, snowflake, and begonia.

Most of our AURORA Collections are made with patterned glass of Changhong and Begonia flowers.

Check our AURORA changhong glass cabinets and begonia glass cabinet side table for the insights.

Changhong Glass is a patterned glass with uneven vertical lines. From the material point of view, it's very own appealing to most of us with the regular or ultra-white glass has been widely used in interior design.

Why changhong glass ? 

Privacy protection : 

Due to the glass surface has uneven patterns, it has the characteristics of light transmission and non-perspective, so it can effectively block external sight for more privacy. 

Enhanced Natural Light : 

Enhanced effects made by the character of the unevenness of the glass made by daylights or even the smallest light go through the spectrum of light exist. 

Decorative Material : Changhong Glass may appear in various spaces and uses in different ways. Its own beauty and unique temperament enhanced by radiation of light bring a warm and romantic feeling to the space, and it is a powerful tool in simple ways of our space. 

Strong applicability : Changhong Glass does not have too strong style attributes, so it can adapt to most design styles.

Combination of Changhong glass with cabinets, such as low cabinets and side cabinets , Wardrobes, cabinets, etc., so that dull and monotonous furniture becomes more appealing and sleek look.


When purchasing Changhong glass, you must choose tempered glass with the 3C logo. Safety is definitely the most important thing. 

Changhong glass generally has two thicknesses of 5mm and 8mm. The thinner glass is suitable for partitions, and the thicker glass is suitable for doors.